Saturday, 8 March 2014

Lights in the dark

We've wound up our candle project now, with the final of three evenings.

First, we reached out to 400 houses surrounding our meeting place.

We offered a decorated candle to any house with a Brownie or former Brownie in, to help the people around us join in our celebrations.

The second meeting was decorating the candleholders, one for each current Brownie and one each for the people who had replied. We were a little disappointed that we had very few people involved who had no connection to us, almost everyone taking part had a former Brownie from our pack in their home, or was a mother of a current Brownie. We did have a few with no connection and we really appreciated their involvement.

Each Brownie took home her own candle that night and the following week, having allocated addresses to deliver to, each girl took at least one to be delivered to someone and I heard back from a couple of people that the Brownie who turned up on their doorstep was smiley, informed and a credit to us. :-)

Then, the final evening. We had asked all the recipients to light their candles at a certain time during our nearest meeting to Thinking Day, and before going out, we marked on a map of the UK where all the recipients had been Brownies, which really helped the girls see how we are part of a national organisation.

Then we wrapped up warm and went to see them.

This picture was taken from inside a house while we were outside (you can't see us!), a house with a current Brownie, a Brownie who was in our pack a while ago, and a mum who was a Brownie.

It was lovely to go round and see the candles lit up - we had a few people wave to us, one house had a Brownie sash pinned up in the window too which was lovely. We sang Brownie Bells at a couple of houses as we went round, and the girls loved the evening, they were very bouncy and giggly!

I'm glad we did this project, I only wish we could have included more people (I know personally of lots of houses that we did leaflet that did have former Brownies so it wasn't just bad luck with who was in houses) but you can only reach out, you can't make people reach back!


K Ville said...

I wonder why they didn't reach back, did they have to take the slip somewhere? Would a 'you can respond online' approach have got more? Anyway, if the whole village had responded you woudln't have been able to go walk round them all, so a silver(ish) lining. I think it was a lovely idea.

Jen said...

No, it was an email address to reply to and two weeks to do it. I don't think we could have made it easier. Ah well, as you say, silver linings!

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