Saturday, 15 March 2014

Roller coaster

I had a rollercoaster evening at Brownies this week.

One of our leaders was running a FairTrade night and the girls were being quite noisy and not listening, despite choosing the theme of the evening. After they ignored all our raised hands for silence, she used a whistle and it shocked them into silence - they were pretty repentant after that so I'm hoping they will pay more attention next week!

Then we sent them out to their parents with two sheets of paper: a letter about how we are changing the way we collect subs from next term (not raising them, just evening out the payments over a year to avoid big bills in January) and I stapled the term diary for summer to the back, to fill the parents in on what we are planning.

I was manning the gate where we let them out and two of the newer parents saw the letters and, despite being no more than a metre from me, were complaining about more paperwork and how we do too much. I took it massively to heart: we are an active pack anyway, which we tell parents at the start, and with the Big Brownie Birthday we are doing even more than usual. And yes, if you sign your girl up for an event, I do need a form back, and, where relevant, payment.

I had a bit of a vent in a Brownie Guiders group that evening and other leaders were very supportive, pointing out that parents complain if we don't do anything with our girls, that 22 out of 24 sets of parents were happy, and that 24 girls are happy with what we do. The best comment, from my fellow blogger Kelloggsville ( was that the moaning almost certainly had more to do with what was happening in the parents' lives than what we were doing.

Then just to complete the roller coaster and send me back on an upward swing, a couple of parents let me know hey had read the paperwork: one said she liked our plans for evening out how subs are paid across the year (and also kindly pointed out I had a date wrong on the diary due to European elections closing our venue) and the other said she spotted we are doing Commonwealth Games next term and would we be interested in her two Commonwealth medals? Rest assured, her help has been secured, what a find, and one we wouldn't have found out about until too late if we hadn't sent out that paperwork!


Leslie Smith said...

Glad it went well.


Gemma Cowley said...

Hi, I've just started with a rainbows group, and Iay have these problems to come! Enjoying your blog x

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