Monday, 24 March 2014

Stay Away in Space

As part of the Big Brownie Birthday, our county has organised a series of three sleepovers at the National Space Centre in Leicester for the county's Brownies.

We were lucky enough to go to the second, last weekend, and I think it's one of the best sleepovers we have ever done. Our girls have slept over in some unusual places: Science Museum in London, Warwick Castle and more.
But this definitely ranks up there: they got to make rockets and launch them, visit many of the exhibits, make a weather report, play a team game that was very hard to crack (the organiser said no-one had worked out how to do it easily yet, then one of our leaders cracked it by mistake but we were very proud of her whether it was mistake or not), attend three planetarium shows and sleep, under the exhibits!
And they actually did sleep, so worn out by the time they headed for bed that they were quiet within 15 mins of lights out and were only waking in the 15 mins or so before they had to get up the next morning.
I've emailed the organisers to say thank you for the event, I know they must have put a lot of work in to organise it, and for them this was just one of three!
If your kids get the chance to do this with Guides, Scouts or school, grab it, it's a really good night and one that you just wouldn't get by turning up there as normal, great though that is.
Here's our girls on the launch pad under the rocket they have there (you can make it out through the skin of the building in the pic above) - we have better pics but of course I can't share their faces on here.


char said...

Wow, this looks like a great event. We have a county Brownie event planned this weekend, where we will be doing lots of space themed activities and then there is a county stay-awake in one of the larger schools in May. So much happening for Brownies, and that isn't even my section!

brownieguideleader said...

This looks amazing! It inspired me to look for interesting local places my girls can stay and unfortunately I have only found one! The observatories and aquariums no longer do sleepover and the big museum cost $140 per girl! Will have to really work on our fundraising because I think that its such a great idea having the girls stay somewhere a little unusual!

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