Sunday, 27 April 2014

Easter's over

This Easter, at least one of us, and often more of us:
*Ate out for breakfast (twice)
*Went to a barn dance
*Hosted our German friends for a few days
*Had both sets of grandparents visit
*Went to Ironbridge twice
*Decorated tiles
*Ate out for dinner
*Went to a birthday party
*Worked (I took a few days off, husband saved his time off to cover May half term)
*Went on a school physics weekend
*Went on a Guiding sleepover
*Completed a Duke of Edinburgh walk
*Walked/played at local reservoir
*Had a haircut
*Went to the optician
*Ate raclette
*Met American friends in London
*Went to the British Museum
*Went to the Churchill War Rooms
*Had an Easter egg hunt
*Shopped in Milton Keynes and Leamington
*Excelled at archery
*Cycled over 50 miles in one go
*Cycled, swam, ran, taekwondoed
*Planned a Brownie holiday

Good job there's a long weekend ahead next weekend, that's a lot of holiday to recover from! 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

New resources

The Brownie programme has been overhauled, introducing a third Adventure badge so a girl will earn one badge roughly every year if she participates in a pack that runs a balanced plan including you, community and world and takes part in events with other sections.

We do take care to run a balanced programme but could definitely stick more closely to the Adventure book, so we plan to fully embrace the new resources.

We have a ridiculously short summer term of just 8 meetings due to where Easter falls, venue closure for European elections and school commitments. So we're planning to take the new resources on board during this term and fully implement from September.

I already have lots of ideas from looking at the new Adventure Book of how we can break the girls into different groups more closely modelled on age than their usual Sixes, give them more say in what we do and tick all the right boxes for earning their badges.

We're giving every girl a copy of the new book in September and we have one for each leader too. I may or may not have read mine and marked it with tabs!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Girlguiding Minifigs

Last week, Girlguiding HQ was taken over by minifigs - tiny little Lego versions of each section of Girlguiding (except, come to think of it, there are no Trefoil Guild ones, we need those too!)

I've loved Lego for a very long time, I started playing with it as a toddler and carried on into my teenage years because it was a good connection with my much younger brother (10 years younger).

When I had my kids, Duplo was definitely on the cards, followed by all kinds of Lego. And when I took them to Legoland, my little brother just about died of jealousy! He really needs to have kids of his own purely so he can take them there.

So when the Girlguiding ones came out, I had to snap them up. As they were a whopping £9.99 each, I didn't get the full set, but I just couldn't turn down the chance to have these.

So I bought a Brownie because I do Brownies, a leader for me and a YL for daughter. I also added a Scout for son, they've done those for a while but this was the time to buy as he is about to move up to Scouts. And just to make sure husband didn't miss out I bought a minion for him, since he likes those.

If you're keen too, you can get them here: - I don't get commission and I know they are expensive, this was a real treat and I have even informed the kids that should they lose theirs, it will not be replaced!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Ten nights

Having made sure the two girls who earned their five nights away badge had received them, I wondered how many nights I had done since the Girlguiding Midlands nights away scheme had started.
The answer: after the space centre, 10! And since we leaders can earn them too, I will present myself with one. :-)
I have been away more than 10 nights with Guiding of course, since we started going away in 2006 I would say it's more like 25. I'm lucky enough to have gone to Hautbois, to Ty Clywd, to BP House, to Division Camp and lots more.
But the scheme started in Jan 2011 so I'm counting since then.
My qualifying ten nights are:
*Two nights at guide camp
*Two (separate) nights in a nearby village hall
*Two nights at Girlguiding Leicestershire's chalet
*One night at the Space Centre
*One night at Warwick Castle
*One night at Pax Lodge World Centre
*One night at Blackwell Court in the Stable Block
I'll be notching up nights 11 and 12 at the end of next month then I think it will be next year before I add to my total and get that 15 badge!
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