Sunday, 27 April 2014

Easter's over

This Easter, at least one of us, and often more of us:
*Ate out for breakfast (twice)
*Went to a barn dance
*Hosted our German friends for a few days
*Had both sets of grandparents visit
*Went to Ironbridge twice
*Decorated tiles
*Ate out for dinner
*Went to a birthday party
*Worked (I took a few days off, husband saved his time off to cover May half term)
*Went on a school physics weekend
*Went on a Guiding sleepover
*Completed a Duke of Edinburgh walk
*Walked/played at local reservoir
*Had a haircut
*Went to the optician
*Ate raclette
*Met American friends in London
*Went to the British Museum
*Went to the Churchill War Rooms
*Had an Easter egg hunt
*Shopped in Milton Keynes and Leamington
*Excelled at archery
*Cycled over 50 miles in one go
*Cycled, swam, ran, taekwondoed
*Planned a Brownie holiday

Good job there's a long weekend ahead next weekend, that's a lot of holiday to recover from! 


smalltownme said...

You were busy!

char said...

Aw, lots of lovely things, though!

K Ville said...

aaaaaaaaand breathe

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