Thursday, 10 April 2014

New resources

The Brownie programme has been overhauled, introducing a third Adventure badge so a girl will earn one badge roughly every year if she participates in a pack that runs a balanced plan including you, community and world and takes part in events with other sections.

We do take care to run a balanced programme but could definitely stick more closely to the Adventure book, so we plan to fully embrace the new resources.

We have a ridiculously short summer term of just 8 meetings due to where Easter falls, venue closure for European elections and school commitments. So we're planning to take the new resources on board during this term and fully implement from September.

I already have lots of ideas from looking at the new Adventure Book of how we can break the girls into different groups more closely modelled on age than their usual Sixes, give them more say in what we do and tick all the right boxes for earning their badges.

We're giving every girl a copy of the new book in September and we have one for each leader too. I may or may not have read mine and marked it with tabs!


brownieguideleader said...

This sounds really great. I'm interested to hear more about splitting into age appropriate groups rather than just Patrols (Sixes). It's something that i'm interested about implementing, but i'm not really sure how to go about it. Can't wait to hear how it works out. I might have to look into getting a UK adventure book if it's a worthwhile resource.

Jen said...

I will be sure to keep you posted on here! It breaks down nicely into three years, three badges, three strands for each plus some extra things. The Adventure girls can be led through, the Adventure On take more initiative and the More Adventures need to be taking charge. They are bookended at either end by the Becoming a Brownie book and the Go For It Brownies as they get ready for Guides. I can help you out with a book if you see what I am doing and think it may help you too. By I am, I mean we are, we're a team and I need to consult the others, they've not seen the book yet!

Leslie Smith said...

I tend to split them into age groups for doing challenge activities (probably because when I started as a Leader we still had the old Footpath, Road and Highway) but I find it works well if the Brownies spend most of the time in their mixed-age Sixes, but occasionally get together by age group to do activities. It means that the older ones can get to do something more challenging, means that you can do something a bit 'younger' with the 7-8s, and it means they get to spend a little time with their friends from other Sixes.

I'd still recommend the mixed-age Sixes most of the time!

Jen said...

Thanks Leslie, we're thinking once or twice a term, with sixes the rest of the time.

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