Saturday, 5 April 2014

Ten nights

Having made sure the two girls who earned their five nights away badge had received them, I wondered how many nights I had done since the Girlguiding Midlands nights away scheme had started.
The answer: after the space centre, 10! And since we leaders can earn them too, I will present myself with one. :-)
I have been away more than 10 nights with Guiding of course, since we started going away in 2006 I would say it's more like 25. I'm lucky enough to have gone to Hautbois, to Ty Clywd, to BP House, to Division Camp and lots more.
But the scheme started in Jan 2011 so I'm counting since then.
My qualifying ten nights are:
*Two nights at guide camp
*Two (separate) nights in a nearby village hall
*Two nights at Girlguiding Leicestershire's chalet
*One night at the Space Centre
*One night at Warwick Castle
*One night at Pax Lodge World Centre
*One night at Blackwell Court in the Stable Block
I'll be notching up nights 11 and 12 at the end of next month then I think it will be next year before I add to my total and get that 15 badge!


K Ville said...

My problem with this is because of my back I've been driving back and forth from campsite to home late at night and early morning. So I don't get the nights counted :(

brownieguideleader said...


I wish we had a badge like that so the girls that have been awake many times have something to further to achieve.

Might have to stop by the UK website... :)

Jen said...

What a shame - though I understand why you need to go back home.

Jen said...

Think it might encourage them to sleep? ;-)

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