Monday, 26 May 2014

The one where Charlotte is epic

I don't know this Brownie:

But I am very impressed! Well done Charlotte, you can tell you have worked hard for your badges!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Our Chalet

There's not much that could make me want to go to Our Chalet more. But this post did.
I have two Guider friends who want to go too, and our youngest kids are all too young for us to have tried to join the trip above. But we either want to join the next one (if there is one) in 2018 or we are going to organise ourselves to go in 2017. We need time to save up but that's got to be do-able!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Commonwealth Games badge

Last week's meeting was the first of our Commonwealth Games badge nights - ably run by our Young Leader, very ably in fact, we were quite impressed. She had researched facts about the Commonwealth, about the Commonwealth Games and also found games to play from three different commonwealth countries which she then proceeded to organise and run using our Brownie Helper who is nearly a YL and our soon to be Brownie Helper who left Brownies at the end of last year.
Us adult leaders felt virtually superfluous - just kidding, it was wonderful to see and we were able to sort things out for a pack holiday coming soon and tie up loose ends of subs and Gift Aid.

We have another session in a few weeks for this badge, run in tandem with our local Cub Scouts. If you want info on the badge, which can be done by Guiding, Scouting, Girls Brigade and Boys Brigade, have a look here: - it does say the badge is out of stock but when I called and asked they did have enough to send the 63 I needed, so worth a call. The challenge requirements are there too.

Then this weekend saw the latest in the series of five county events to celebrate the Big Brownie Birthday. So far we've had the launch on Thinking Day, the Sleepover at the National Space Centre and now the Centenary Walk. 
Still to come, county Brownie Revels and the finale. Anyway, the walk was good, we had to amend our route as the original route was both saturated and muck had been spread along some of it it the day before by the farmer who owned some of the land. But we had 17/25 of our Brownies plus 13 of their families joined in too, and the weather didn't get really bad until just before we finished when we could easily head for shelter.
Badges will be presented at this week's meeting as we didn't want to give them on the day and upset any siblings who had also come.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Going Away With Scheme

I got presented with this tonight. It means I can take the Brownies away overnight, or for a few nights to somewhere that has the programme and catering laid on such as PGL.
I'm so pleased! It represents an upgrade to the overnight only licence I had before, and gives us more flexibility in what we do as a unit.
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