Monday, 26 May 2014

The one where Charlotte is epic

I don't know this Brownie:

But I am very impressed! Well done Charlotte, you can tell you have worked hard for your badges!


K Ville said...

Hmmmm I would question whether the work to gain every badge was totally 'achievement'. Not sure I'm wording it well but sometimes the journey is more important than the destination and what is gained from a handful of meaningful challenges can be so much more than what could be a half baked race to 57. As a daughter of a guider she would have god opportunity to do this properly and if so, it is indeed a great achievement but these stories always worry me a little. I'm sure she is a queen's guide in the making though.

Jen said...

I'm normally pretty sceptical about how much is learned doing all 57 but it's pretty clear this girl has worked hard for them and mum's supported rather than forced through. So normally I would not highlight these but I do think this is of merit.

Maxine Miles said...

Abbie has been taken back into the fold and is helping me out as a junior leader with my Australian Guides (Brownie age) - they were fascinated to see all her badges on her blanket! She never made it to 57 but got close :)

Jen said...

I remember, she got very close but we didn't do as many holidays and camps back then :-) That's great that she's doing it too, K is our young leader now so she's still doing it as well.
Loved your wedding pics by the way, you both looked beautiful and the setting was gorgeous. Getting married in Canada is very fashionable, all the best people are doing it.

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