Monday, 2 June 2014

Big Brownie Birthday: Our Chalet at Broneirion Part 1

This weekend just gone, we took nine Brownies to Broneirion, a Girlguiding activity centre in mid-Wales, for a World Centre holiday.

There are four World Centres in Guiding: one in London (Pax Lodge that we visited last year), one in India, one in Mexico and one in Switzerland - Our Chalet.

And as part of the Big Brownie Birthday, a number of Girlguiding centres across the UK transformed themselves for a couple of weekends into a World Centre.

We signed up for going to Our Chalet at Bronerion. It's been 15 months in the planning for us; from first tentative email among the Guiders, to polling the girls who were interested to decide which venue to attend.

And so it was we ended up at our local train station on Friday lunchtime to head off to Wales. We bought the tickets three months ahead of time so our train travel cost just over £100 for the 11 of us!

We headed to our connecting station, and were very early because we knew we had to make the next train or arrive two hours late since the trains to where we needed to go are only every two hours.

So since we had a big wait, we headed on the monorail from that station to the adjacent airport (actually the airport our Young Leader will fly from when she goes to the real Our Chalet this summer) and had our lunches/a snack there.

It added to the fun, I was really surprised that none of the girls had been on the monorail before. When my kids were smaller we'd get the bus into town, then the train, then the monorail if we were flying to see my parents in Scotland so they've been on it a lot but this was a real novelty for our girls.

We returned, caught the train for the next lengthy stage and even managed to meet the Brownie pack that's local to Broneirion - they had been in London on pack holiday because of course to them there is nothing special about going to Broneirion! They were very sweet, even giving us a badge for each girl, which they loved. We gave them our unit badge.

Finally at the tiny train station near the venue, we were met by the two minibuses we had booked to collect us - funnily enough one of the drivers was married to one of the local Brownie leaders who had been on the train!

They dropped us off outside Broneirion and it was time for our trip to Switzerland to begin... (Part 2 to follow)


char said...

Oh, this sounds like such a great idea. I'd never been to Bron until last year when we had our county training weekend there. It's such a lovely building!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Monorails are so much fun. You don't see them much on this side of the ocean, but my girls have ridden one at Walt Disney World in Florida.

K Ville said...

It's a jolly small world this great big world of ours.

I'm trying to book trains to London 3 months in advance but not getting it any cheaper than the group rates. I think it's because I have a lot of 16-20 year olds.

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