Friday, 6 June 2014

Big Brownie Birthday: Our Chalet at Broneirion Part 3

Saturday was a busy day, as well as the set chores, we:
Bouldered (climbing wall that goes round rather than up)
Zorbed (giant see through hamster balls, yes I had a go and there is photographic evidence, no I won't be sharing)
Bouncy castled
Had marshmallows and chocolate fondue
Had Swiss cheese and chocolate
Made cable cars to race
Made boxes out of lolly sticks
Made pyrography key rings (burning a design onto wood)
Played crab football
Spelled out WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) with our bodies
Had a campfire where we each taught at least one song, we chose Supercaliforniasurfer and left behind card surfboards and words with the other units in case they wanted to try it with their girls back home.
This was also the day my girls got ridiculously accident prone. There was a skinned knee, cuts, slammed fingers...they were definitely getting tired as the weekend went on.

Dinner was Swiss meatballs and chocolate mousse and settling down for bed was much much quicker! I slept better too, though still less than at home, and we had to wake then on Sunday as there was so much left to do before heading home...


K Ville said...

I don't know that song - seems a fair swap for a badge, you must teach me ;)

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