Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wales, Cubs, loombands, chips and the Chief Guide

I've been quiet for a while, but not because all activity stopped after our Wales/Switzerland holiday, more because we've been so busy! Each of these nights/events deserves a post each but in summary:
*Wales night - the girls who went on the holiday talked to the others about what they did and showed some of their crafts and badges, then did some Welsh activies led by our WelshGuider 
*Second Commonwealth Games night - our local Cub pack visited and we had a presentation on fencing by one of our mums who is also a Commonwealth Games medallist, then half the Brownies and half the Cubs played team games outside and the other half learned their promise in sign language, then we swapped over to the other activity. Great fun involving another organisation!
*Loomband night - they were meant to make a bracelet then draw a dragon on shrinkie paper to add as a charm but the loombands took over and they all had a blast
*Playpark and chips night - I missed this due to a local school open evening I had to attend, but I hear they had fun.
*Starquest Brownie Revels, lots of activies and games alongside 1300 other Brownies from our county - very very wet but lots of fun again, plus our two newest Brownies got to make their promise to the Chief Guide and she not only pinned on their badges, she gave them the special badge above after - massive envy from the leaders!
We have just one more night left, at our local campsite for cooking and singing, plus our Big Brownie Birthday Finale the week after.


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