Saturday, 27 September 2014

Cute elephant

Remember last week I shared our milk bottle elephants?

There are also larger elephants made to represent each county in the region that have been visiting a range of places across their county recently: ours went to Arden International Camp and is now at Warwick Museum (only till this Tuesday).

I popped over to see her (very cute) and then shared the pics with some of my fellow leaders only to find out that our Brownie Helper was one of the Guides who helped create her on her Baden Powell Award weekend! Small Guiding world :-)

If you want to know more about Midlands Art Explosion badge, visit their website:

Friday, 26 September 2014

Brownie Adventure book

Girlguiding realised many units weren't using the Brownie Adventure and Adventure On books properly so they combined the books and gave us a programme update so we could use them properly.

This kicked in earlier this year but we had so much going on with Big Brownie Birthday that we planned to incorporate from this term, and we started that last night!

First up we found two nights this term that all five of us adults could attend. Most nights we are missing at least one of us due to other commitments, and many we just have three of us, so as we wanted to divide the girls into five groups, it was important to find two nights we could all be there.

The groups are:
*Becoming a Brownie - the three new girls
*Adventure - five girls in their first year with us
*Adventure On - six girls in their second year with us
*More Adventures - five girls in their last year with us
*Go For It - five girls in their last term (or in one case second last term) with us

The Becoming a Brownie girls worked on their Becoming a Brownie booklets as usual but this time they didn't have to watch while the rest of the pack did something else.

The Go For It girls started learning about Guides and how that worked, and planning for leaving Brownies. All that info is at the end of the Brownie Adventure book.

And the three other groups each worked through their section in the book, choosing activities to do that night and planned ahead activities for the second night later this term.

I had the More Adventures group, who did a teamwork quiz that really helped with decision making, then planned for their next night to play a game they invented, bring in old school board games and make beads from paper for a necklace.

Over the next couple of terms they will continue to plan and do like that, then they will move on to the Go For It to finish off their time with us, and their More Adventures badge.

And once they've gone, my next group will be the Becoming a Brownie girls, and I will move through the stages with them, as will my fellow leaders so we all have a core group we have to look after.

It was interesting, because Brownies usually splits the girls into sixes, which include girls from across the 7-10 range, to be working with 5 girls who were all just turned or turning 9. 

I think it worked well, but it's just the first night and we shall see!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Art Explosion: Elephant trail

We started the Girlguiding Midlands Art Explosion challenge tonight, with a recycling activity: elephants from milk bottles!
Here's the link for the challenge, we have a series of meetings planned through the term, thanks to the girls voting for this challenge, and it went down a storm:
Two of our leaders are now going to work to distribute the elephants near where we meet and we will go out on an elephant trail next month.
Our next activity from this challenge will be Line Dance Lottery in a couple of weeks.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Ice cubes

So the plan was to do a Frozen Challenge with our Brownies, activities themed around the Disney film (though the challenge is called Do You Want to Build a Snowman if you want to search for it.)

It was all planned by our YL, including a food activity, a couple of running around games and building an igloo using ice cubes.

She started the Frozen music playing (bear in mind they voted to do this challenge!) and they started complaining they were bored of it. It quickly became clear they were having lots of fun with the ice building igloos so we took the bags outside and they had several ice cube egg and spoon races, then enjoyed stomping on the cubes till they were smashed into tiny bits.

All in all we really could have just given every six a bag of ice and left them to it! They were so happy playing with ice!

I'm most impressed by our YL thinking on her feet and adapting when the girls rebelled a little. One of her Senior Section leaders was there so I'm glad she saw her coping well.

Top tip: want to entertain 24 Brownies? 4 bags of ice and a playground!

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Our Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Senior Section leaders (eight between us, including two who run more than one section) came together to run a fundraising night this week just gone.

One leader is going to the World Scout Jamboree in Japan next year, one is going to Our Cabana in Mexico, another to Poacher Camp and seven out of eight of us are going to Pax Lodge for a county weekend.

So this evening was a fundraiser to help all of us, and we asked parents who had asked how they can thank us for the time we give up to bring their girls and take part.
We deliberately scheduled it first week back so only those who wanted to take part would come, if we had started back and then run it, we felt they would feel obliged to participate.

We ran the following:
*guess the name of the cuddly reindeer and win it
*make a Christmas decoration
*raffle for a Disney princess room decoration
*guess the weight of the cake
*make windmills and keyrings
*make loomband bracelets or buy a ready made one
*buy craft kits
*buy dressing up clothes
*make peace doves
*some Japanese stuff (that table was opposite side of room from me and I didn't see what they were doing!)
*drinks and lollies
*guess the weight of the cake

Most of the items were very easy to put together, or we already had them so very little cost. It was also a fun and chilled way to hang out and talk to parents when not stressed or in a rush.
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