Thursday, 18 September 2014

Art Explosion: Elephant trail

We started the Girlguiding Midlands Art Explosion challenge tonight, with a recycling activity: elephants from milk bottles!
Here's the link for the challenge, we have a series of meetings planned through the term, thanks to the girls voting for this challenge, and it went down a storm:
Two of our leaders are now going to work to distribute the elephants near where we meet and we will go out on an elephant trail next month.
Our next activity from this challenge will be Line Dance Lottery in a couple of weeks.


brownieguideleader said...

I really love the idea of an elephant trail! What a great idea to get the community involved in Guiding. I can't wait to hear how it all goes.

K Ville said...

I co-ordinated the trail for our district, hard work but worth it. I found a good mapping tool that let me plot marks onto google maps so there was a visual route to follow. I also did an inner circle for Rainbows so they didn't have to walk so far. If you want to see any of it let me know, and good look. Enjoy.

Jen said...

Thanks KV, I was actually looking at your trail posts last night! We're ok though, we have an area sorted and people prepped to help.

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