Friday, 26 September 2014

Brownie Adventure book

Girlguiding realised many units weren't using the Brownie Adventure and Adventure On books properly so they combined the books and gave us a programme update so we could use them properly.

This kicked in earlier this year but we had so much going on with Big Brownie Birthday that we planned to incorporate from this term, and we started that last night!

First up we found two nights this term that all five of us adults could attend. Most nights we are missing at least one of us due to other commitments, and many we just have three of us, so as we wanted to divide the girls into five groups, it was important to find two nights we could all be there.

The groups are:
*Becoming a Brownie - the three new girls
*Adventure - five girls in their first year with us
*Adventure On - six girls in their second year with us
*More Adventures - five girls in their last year with us
*Go For It - five girls in their last term (or in one case second last term) with us

The Becoming a Brownie girls worked on their Becoming a Brownie booklets as usual but this time they didn't have to watch while the rest of the pack did something else.

The Go For It girls started learning about Guides and how that worked, and planning for leaving Brownies. All that info is at the end of the Brownie Adventure book.

And the three other groups each worked through their section in the book, choosing activities to do that night and planned ahead activities for the second night later this term.

I had the More Adventures group, who did a teamwork quiz that really helped with decision making, then planned for their next night to play a game they invented, bring in old school board games and make beads from paper for a necklace.

Over the next couple of terms they will continue to plan and do like that, then they will move on to the Go For It to finish off their time with us, and their More Adventures badge.

And once they've gone, my next group will be the Becoming a Brownie girls, and I will move through the stages with them, as will my fellow leaders so we all have a core group we have to look after.

It was interesting, because Brownies usually splits the girls into sixes, which include girls from across the 7-10 range, to be working with 5 girls who were all just turned or turning 9. 

I think it worked well, but it's just the first night and we shall see!


K Ville said...

I like the girls in mixed age groups. I think they get a lot from it. Vertical peer groups have so many positives. Once they are grouped in same stage/age and doing book work I think school. I just don't think they come to Brownies to work from books. I know there's a lot in them etc etc but I've never liked them in my 30 years of leading no matter which publication version it was. I think kids learn best through see and do and memories are made from actions. I know these new books are lovely but I'm a leader full of buts about books LOL

Jen said...

I do think they get a lot from mixed age, but I did like the difference this time. We still had running about craziness during the evening :-) I think this is the first time these books have been usable in a meeting to be honest, and since they will effectively be used once a term as planning idea generators, I don't think it will be too much like school.

Leslie Smith said...

Having worked with the old programme in the past (where girls worked on footpath, road and highway) we found then that the girls loved the chance to work with their peers, and on something different to each other. So we kept it going through Adventure/Adventure On, and have continued it now that there are more groupings. It makes a difficult night as we don't have enough staff to have someone with each group all the time . . . but it's worth it!

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