Thursday, 11 September 2014

Ice cubes

So the plan was to do a Frozen Challenge with our Brownies, activities themed around the Disney film (though the challenge is called Do You Want to Build a Snowman if you want to search for it.)

It was all planned by our YL, including a food activity, a couple of running around games and building an igloo using ice cubes.

She started the Frozen music playing (bear in mind they voted to do this challenge!) and they started complaining they were bored of it. It quickly became clear they were having lots of fun with the ice building igloos so we took the bags outside and they had several ice cube egg and spoon races, then enjoyed stomping on the cubes till they were smashed into tiny bits.

All in all we really could have just given every six a bag of ice and left them to it! They were so happy playing with ice!

I'm most impressed by our YL thinking on her feet and adapting when the girls rebelled a little. One of her Senior Section leaders was there so I'm glad she saw her coping well.

Top tip: want to entertain 24 Brownies? 4 bags of ice and a playground!


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