Friday, 10 October 2014

A packed fortnight

It's been a busy fortnight:

Last week's Brownies was badge-testing night, we encourage the girls to bring in their work once a term because we were finding it too hard to fit in alongside other meetings. While we test most badges, we also accept signatures from instructors for badges such as Dancer, Swimmer or Musician so between the badges two leaders and one young leader tested and the pre-signed off badges, the girls had passed more than 30 among them!

While we tested, pulling girls out as it was their turn, the other leaders ran a line dance lottery - you haven't lived till you've seen 25 girls line dance to Dolly Parton!

This week's meeting was customising old clothes then having a fashion show in front of the parents. It was a lot of fun, every girl enjoyed herself in a different way as there was much stitching, knotting, cutting and sticking plus plenty of fabric pens! We had to leave time for clearing up and for the fashion show, we could easily have spent two hours just working on the clothes, so one to remember for another time!

In between there was a sleepover for the girls who have joined in the last year, and the sixers. They had a lot of fun, with blue and pink mashed potato, crafts and games. All the girls did really well so they will all be able to join the camp we are planning for the summer months.

It's always busy here!


K Ville said...

Please can you expand on the lottery part of line dancing lol

Jen said...

I can indeed, it's page 18 and 19 of the Midlands Art Explosion, I know you probably have it but just in case:

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