Friday, 28 November 2014

Brownie adventure: major success

You might remember earlier this term I said we were going to start holding Brownie Adventure nights when we could have 5 leaders available to split the girls into 5 groups: Becoming a Brownie, Adventure, Adventure On, More Adventures and Go For It. (If not, here's the link:

Well I'm here to report it was a big success. Massive. So much so, we've scheduled three nights for it in the January term. The girls responded really well to running their own programme and us leaders responded well to getting to know the girls a little better in smaller groups.

The Becoming a Brownie girls really got to grips with the promise and were able to do it in the same room as everyone else instead of being separated out while everyone else did something else and staring longingly through the glass doors. 

The Adventure girls were just amazing. As well as actively discussing the promise and how they keep it, they chose to make bird feeders and didn't just make them for themselves, they made them for every Brownie!

I didn't see a lot of the Adventure On girls but they were also busy and the leader with them reported back that she was really pleased with them.

I was with the More Adventures girls who had chosen to make paper mâché beads and play old fashioned games. That day, I'd had a water issue at home with a shower that wouldn't turn off and we had to turn off our water at the stopcock so I hadn't had time to make what was needed. They were really good about it, and didn't mind at all that we concentrated on just the games instead. I played Whot with two girls while three played battleships (yes I know only two can play but they made it work) then a fish puzzle game with three girls while battleships continued then I taught two girls to play Yahtzee while two more played another game. They were really good about making sure everyone got to play a game they wanted at least once, and not leaving anyone out.

The Go For It girls had a great time too, especially when they realised there were sweets involved in what they were doing! 

All in all there were some very happy girls, very low stress for us because anything that needed to be brought had been arranged weeks before (apart from my water issue) and we really felt we had implemented the programme well, using recommendations within the books.

Lots of inspiration for next time too. Big hit. 


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