Sunday, 16 November 2014

Children in Need

This week we held a Children in Need week at Brownies. We don't do it every year, and we didn't ask the girls to fundraise because we were conscious that the local primaries were all fundraising during the actual Children in Need day and we didn't want parents to feel hit twice.
Instead we talked about why there was a need for Children in Need and who it helps, and I also bought the Pudsey baking kit and chocolate mould to use so there was a donation by me.

So for our evening, we decorated the gluten-free cupcakes I had made and frozen a couple of weeks ago. The girls piped their own icing on and chose a chocolate Pudsey for the top. Although many of them had baked with their families and many of them had added decoration to the top, very few had ever used an icing bag so that was a fun experience for them and a good skill - once you realise why you need to twist or hold the top of the bag shut you won't forget it!

I also had a very intricate box template for them to cut out and decorate, the bottom of the box falls open when the lid is lifted and the whole box is made with no glue or tape. It was a good challenge to see how careful they can be as it is all in the cutting, and some of the older girls made some quite beautiful versions. The younger ones needed more support but I only saw one where someone had gone completely wrong and even that could be fixed with one piece of sticky tape.

We encouraged them to make the cake and box as a gift for someone else and most did - there were a few teachers and teaching assistants destined to receive a sticky gift the next day!

It was a good evening and we also welcomed five girls who will start with us in January on their taster session and they all seemed to do fine and all five are desperately waiting for the New Year now!


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