Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Inclusion, via cupcakes

At next week's meeting we will be marking Children in Need at Brownies and I'll be encouraging the girls to come dressed as superheroes if they want to as that is the theme of this year's appeal. I know most if not all of them will be fundraising at school the next day (the actual Children in Need day) so we won't be fundraising but that doesn't mean we can't mark it. I've also bought a baking kit, badges, a chocolate mould and Pudsey ears all of which include a donation to the appeal.

So our evening will be more about understanding why Children in Need is necessary and then having some fun!
One of the things we will do is decorate a cupcake to take home: although many of the girls have baked at home, and they have decorated cupcakes by adding to the top of cakes, they have never actually iced a cake. So, I will be taking lots of buttercream and they will be icing these (gluten-free) cupcakes which are currently stored in my freezer and topping them with a (also gluten-free) chocolate Pudsey. 
The inclusion is the fact that we do have a Brownie who can't have gluten, so I wanted to make sure she was able to eat her cupcake afterwards. I was busy this weekend baking trays of cupcakes so that everyone has the same type. In the past, we have been sure to buy her a cupcake when we know there will be cake somewhere, but on this occasion, I had the time this weekend and wanted her to have the same as everyone else. 


K Ville said...

Nice one

char said...

That's a really nice idea for your GF brownie. I've done the same on guide camp with veggie mince so that everyone can eat the same meal.

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