Friday, 26 December 2014


Last post, I mentioned I had made Christmas presents for my fellow Guiders. As I'm assuming they have all opened them by now, I can reveal they were beeswax candles from Crafty Creatives.

I've been squirrelling them away for some time, turns out this kit was from last May! I'd liked it so much I had ordered from the supplier to make sure I'd have enough to make Christmas presents.

They were very easy to make, just rolling up a sheet round a wick and tying them. I made the tall ones behind the cup for the Guiders and finished each with a ribbon and a little bee pin. My son's teachers and the school office staff also received these, in their case I made the centre ones, as these needed half the wax and I was running low!

I really like Crafty Creatives kits, I've found them quite inspiring to encourage me to try different crafts. I've had to stop getting them for now as I can't justify the cost, though I did get their recent Paperhaul one filled with lovely stationery and that was gorgeous. The inspiration is useful for thinking of new quirky things for the Brownies to try, I definitely think they could make these candles with a little help, and when you order the beeswax sheets in bulk, they are quite cost effective.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

New home

Brownies is over for the year, we squeezed in a Christmas party where they made mints and decorated gingerbread with snowflakes, a trip to have breakfast with Santa and a Girlguiding Carol service where I (along with two fellow leaders from our Brownie and Guide unit who have been in it from the start of the two units) received a 10 year service award. 

Us leaders have a Christmas meal together this week - I've made the other leaders a wee present using a Crafty Creatives kit, can't say what yet - and then that's it for the year.

When we come back in January, we have a new home. The school where we meet is undergoing building work and we've found a meeting place nearby for the length of the work with the added advantage of some storage and access to a kitchen. It's not a long term home, as it is out of our district so it can only be a temporary solution but it should be a good home for us for a couple of terms. 

All change, and the unit's (and Guide unit's) tenth birthday to celebrate in 2015. Should be a good year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Once a Guide, always a Guide

I'm at a conference, with my stand opposite the poster boards. One lady's poster kept falling down because the velcro wouldn't stick, and after I tried to restick it, I told her when she reappeared. 

She disappeared, came back with a stapler, stapled the velcro to the poster and now it sticks perfectly.

And yes, she was a Guide when she was younger.
I could tell!
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