Friday, 26 December 2014


Last post, I mentioned I had made Christmas presents for my fellow Guiders. As I'm assuming they have all opened them by now, I can reveal they were beeswax candles from Crafty Creatives.

I've been squirrelling them away for some time, turns out this kit was from last May! I'd liked it so much I had ordered from the supplier to make sure I'd have enough to make Christmas presents.

They were very easy to make, just rolling up a sheet round a wick and tying them. I made the tall ones behind the cup for the Guiders and finished each with a ribbon and a little bee pin. My son's teachers and the school office staff also received these, in their case I made the centre ones, as these needed half the wax and I was running low!

I really like Crafty Creatives kits, I've found them quite inspiring to encourage me to try different crafts. I've had to stop getting them for now as I can't justify the cost, though I did get their recent Paperhaul one filled with lovely stationery and that was gorgeous. The inspiration is useful for thinking of new quirky things for the Brownies to try, I definitely think they could make these candles with a little help, and when you order the beeswax sheets in bulk, they are quite cost effective.


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