Friday, 23 January 2015

180 degree turnaround

I didn't share news of last week's meeting which was at best chaotic.
1. A Brownie tracked dog mess in and despite being in the hut no more than two minutes had apparently visited every inch of the building during that time and the mess took 15 mins to clear up, involving three leaders!
2. Our YL was in the middle of mock GCSEs but wanted to attend for stress relief and while she coped admirably with the dog mess, she was then in the kitchen where the cooking (from the Brownie adventure book) went very wrong and she was a bit emotional so needed support.
3. The cooking. The oldest girls were making the falafels from the book. The dog mess meant the leaders were tied up so cooking couldn't start and so their falafels lost their resting in the fridge time. Added to which the chick peas wouldn't mash with the potato masher so really, once in the pan, they fell apart. We also had some Brownies very unhappy about grating onions, and a couple who refused to wash up the mess, and ran out of time to deal with the issue as we had to get out to let Guides start. The falafels ended up chucked in a bush because they were just piping hot chick peas with onion draped around them in the pan, there was no way to hand any end result to anyone to take home!

This week, Scotland night, was like a complete 180. Apart from starting 6 girls down due to illness, leaving us with 20, the night was great. I'd premade shortbread so the kitchen girls just had to roll it out, cut it and bake it. Each girl got a piece to take home.
The girls learned a little about Scotland and I used the story of Hamish McHamish (Google him but here's a pic):
as a segue to use the cat craft boxes I'd found online reduced from £3.95 each to just 39p! The girls did really well making them, not all finished them on the night but they kept the bags they came in to take them home, and both our oldest Brownie and our newest young Brownie did finish so I did pitch it right across the age group.
A nice chilled evening after last week, there was even time for the shortbread girls to make a coffee for leaders!


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