Sunday, 15 February 2015

Badge testing, thinking day, camp and London

Exceptionally busy week this week - and we didn't even use the kitchen!
The main purpose of the meeting was Thinking Day, and the girls did plenty to learn about that. But in addition, we also ran badge testing. We don't often do badges in meeting times, so we really encourage the girls to work on them at home. We have 26 girls just now, and 26 badges were passed! Some girls earned as many as four though, so there were quite a few who didn't do any, all fine, it's their choice.
I was particularly impressed by a model of the phases of the moon, some yummy cookies, a brand new Brownie who hasn't even taken her promise yet who passed her Out and About badge. There were two other leaders testing too, and I had really good comments from them as well.
As well as that, we were also taking payments for a trip to London and a camp in the summer. I'm thrilled we have 21/26 going to London and 18 going camping.
Half term now and we're snapping up Friends and Family Railcards to reduce the cost of the London trip, while there's £10 off. One adult plus four girls is £31.10 return to London from here with a railcard and just over £66 without so it's worth buying the cards at £20 each for this trip alone.


K Ville said...

if you need an extra pair of hands I'm always up for a London trip :)

Jen said...

Cheers. We weren't short of volunteers though :-)

Working Mum said...

Definitely worth the family railcards, we just used one and daughter's ticket was only £10 return from Manchester.,

Will you be going to the Palace for the Changing of the Guard? I believe Brownies are allowed in the parade ground to watch if you apply beforehand. Lucky Brownies!

Jen said...

They can, yes, we've done it a few times. It's great, we even got a guardsman to pose with a duck last time! Not this time though, we're heading somewhere else, as ever I will share details afterwards to protect the girls. :-)

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