Saturday, 7 February 2015

Paper mâché and big plans

We had another Brownie Adventures week this week, with the girls divided up as follows:
6 More Adventures girls with me making papier-mâché.
5 Adventure On girls in the kitchen making sandwiches out of unusual breads, with one leader and one YL (one off ill)
6 Adventure girls doing their Crime Prevention badge with leader and Brownie helper
3 Adventure girls dying lemonade and doing secret writing with leader and Brownie helper
4 Becoming a Brownie girls working through their booklet with one leader (one absent)
They all seemed to do well, they love choosing their own activities and while it is hard for us to supply enough adults to facilitate it, it's always worth the effort.
(Not our papier-mâché but it did look like this)
Our papier-mâché was gloopy and not fabulous, we tried but it was hard to form good shapes. They did enjoy it though and it wasn't too messy, I even got them to clear up by promising chocolate buttons if I returned from rinsing the bowl in the kitchen and found a clean table, and I did!

We ended the meeting with some very excited girls! We have a trip to London planned for April, open to all, and a two night camp in June, open to all but the very newest girls (as we like them to do a sleepover before they camp, so we can be sure they can cope). Coupled with Thinking Day soon, and our tenth birthday celebrations too, it's an exciting time!


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