Sunday, 8 March 2015

Go Global

On Saturday, Feb 21st, we took part in Go Global, an event for Midlands region girls, winding up the end of our Art Explosion challenge which has been so much fun. Our challenges had included making elephants out of milk bottles, hiding them on an elephant trail, and a fashion show in front of parents, to name just a few things.

We signed up for this final event with a little trepidation. It wasn't cheap: £20 for a ticket and another £10 for a coach place. We've been to a lot of county and region events and sometimes they can be a little samey - for instance we learned Banghra dancing about three times last year, we were practically experts, there are so many forms of dance and it was the same single style that kept appearing! These events are always organised by volunteers and we are grateful, but we had kind of decided that if this event wasn't amazing, we were going to think again about future ones.

Guess what, it was amazing! (also yes, there was Banghra dancing but our girls weren't assigned to that anyway!)

So first up we all, around 3,000 of us, met up in a large hall at a county show ground for the launch. There were videos and music to keep the girls occupied while we waited for everyone, and we were immediately assigned into our colour and number group - our Brownies were in Orange 1 with some Nottinghamshire Brownies and our Guides and Senior Section were in Blue 1.

The directions to move around the four workshops and lunch break over the day were great, there was plenty of time but not too much time in between each, allowing toilet trips (even this was carefully regulated with groups advised which loos to head for at each stage).

First up, we made a Guidy Giggle.

The Guidy Giggle was what they called it just to give it a fun twist, in reality, it's a cushion! The fabric pouches had been presewn, one lady we spoke to had made 200! There were 30 tables, with room for 12 to sit at each, and each manned by a member of the Trefoil Guild. Each girl got a plastic bag with a certificate and a pouch. They collected stuffing, then went to a row of tables in the middle of the room that had fabric scraps, ribbons, felt, netting, wool, buttons, fake flowers, and chose what they wanted to use then went back to their table, stuffed their cushion and decorated it. It needed to have a hole of about 4cm sewn up at the top after stuffing.

Great though was given to each section: Rainbows were given glue to add their decor, Brownies were helped to thread needles, and Guides and Senior Section just got on with it. Leaders of older girls made theirs on the day, Leaders of Rainbows and Brownies were encouraged to choose a few pieces so they could make theirs later. I didn't get to start mine while I was there but I made it the next day.

Then we moved on and the girls were taught a dance from Hairspray. They enjoyed it, and learned a lot in a short time. While our group did that, the other Orange groups learned different dances and roleplays. Next up was lunch, and we went back to the big hall for that which was good, gave us a chance to catch up with our guides and Senior Section.

Next was a kind of bits and pieces session. There was an elephant trail, a quiz, musical instruments, a graffiti wall, a gorgeous Guide Dog, it was kind of like everything they had thought of that didn't fit elsewhere was put here. It was fine, and as it was contained in one area we let the girls roam in small groups and come back to us, but it was a little chaotic and probably the weakest element in a very strong day.

Finally we had a Chinese ribbon workshop. Our Guides had had this same workshop earlier in the day and they had tipped us off that there were clean loos up in the room where it was held, so we headed straight there and were able to use the loos in our little group of 35, rather than with a few hundred others! The ribbon dancing was great, the girls learned a lot again in a short space of time and it was very effective. We were tiring towards the end of a long day but they did very well.

Finally, we gathered again in the big hall with everyone else and had some more entertainment, including a Katy Perry lookalike who was very good and kept them all entertained! Then it was waiting for your coach number to be called and off we went home. It was a long day, about 11 hours, but they really enjoyed it and the leaders were very impressed, we sent a thank you email the next day.

All in all a great day, and one which really enthused us for future regional events.


K Ville said...

glad it was ok. One of my youngest Rangers went the day before on the leadership team on her own, they were setting up until gone midnight and started again at 6am. She had a ball too ;)

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