Saturday, 21 March 2015

Messy and noisy

Last week was one of those messy weeks where we tried to do too much and everything got out of control.
The new Brownies were finishing off Becoming a Brownie before two took their promise later that night (the others will do it during a trip early next term). One who has missed every Becoming a Brownie session was told she had to bring her book,and turned up without it, so it was hard for the leader with them to deal with two who were ready, two who were ready but not doing it and one who wasn't ready at all.
My More Adventures group were outside playing games in the dark, and had to be brought in because they were just shrieking too loudly and annoying the neighbours, plus ignoring the leader with them. I had to deal with the children's university passports which took me away from them yet again and I felt bad about that.
A stand in leader was working with one set of girls and was surprised at just how noisy they were being. The other two groups were fine!
We did have to tell them off, they weren't paying any attention to arms in the air and we had to finish off to be ready for the promise ceremony.
That went ok but then ignoring started again after and this time I had to read the riot act in front of some parents.
We agreed that this week we would put our hands in the air and wait, not shout. It really worked. They missed out on the end activity, because we ran out of time because of the amount of time we spent with our arms in the air and by the end of the evening you could hear girls telling others to shush and stop and some visible disappointment at missing out on the end activity.
We'll reinforce it next meeting and hope it will continue to improve.


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