Sunday, 8 March 2015


I have so many great things to tell you about: our trip to a regional event which was just amazing, our unit's tenth birthday party and a weekend in London for all our adult leaders from Brownies and Guides.

I want to give each the time I need to write them up properly, and I'm swamped with work at the moment, including this weekend, so I'm setting them aside for a little while longer. What I do want to tell you about now, because I know it is more time-sensitive, is a really great challenge that some Guides from another county have created. One of them contacted me and asked if I could mention their challenge here. I was impressed by her initiative and even more impressed by the resource behind their challenge, so I agreed.

One of the great things about Guiding is that there are opportunities for older girls and leaders as well as for the younger girls. The weekend that I still need to write up was spent at Pax Lodge, one of five World Guiding Centres, which happens to be in London. My daughter stayed at Our Chalet, the Swiss World Guiding Centre last summer, and she had to raise all the money for her to go, which she managed through a combination of grants, bag packing, fun events like a ceilidh and a race night, and more.

The Worcestershire Guides will be going to Our Cabana in Mexico during August, also a World Guiding Centre (the other two are Sangam in India and a pop up centre in Africa) and have to raise £2500 each. So as part of their fundraising, they have created this challenge.

They've made sure the five Guiding Essentials are in there, and have marked every activity for the appropriate age group. There's crafts, history, geography, food, templates, everything you could think of, laid out in easy to use pages and obviously thoughtfully researched and compiled. Though I haven't used it for my own unit as our girls have already got us planned up to the summer holidays, it's an excellent resource I could easily see us using over a number of weeks. 

If you would like to get a copy of the resource, which includes details of how to order the gorgeous badges above through Worcestershire Guides, click here, it's quite slow to download because it is 77 pages long but worth the wait. Good luck guys!


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