Sunday, 15 March 2015

Tenth birthday

If you track back in this blog, you'll find details of our unit's fifth birthday in 2010, when we had a party with our newly-formed Rainbow unit:

This time around it was our tenth, and we decided to celebrate with our Guides, who started at the same time as us.

It was fairly low key, just party games and music, but they seemed to have fun. We had a badge, and a cake which exactly matched the badge - I haven't included pics as our unit name is on both.

The cake was made by a Brownie mum, and she also made some gluten free cupcakes for the three girls and one leader who can't have gluten and who we of course wanted to include.

We invited our Division Commissioner, and the Division Commissioner from when we started who regards us as one of her success stories. Fun night! 


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