Sunday, 26 April 2015


Before I finish the post about our London trip, I realise I forgot to write up this week's meeting.

Carefully cropped picture to show you what we were up to - planting seeds! We received them through Kew Gardens Grow Wild project and worked with our borough council to identify, and have rotavated, a bed for us in our local community to plant the wildflower seeds.

Our Brownies and Guides worked together - and our Senior Section will also be planting elsewhere later - on the planting: stomping on the bed to break up the soul, mixing seeds with sand and then sowing. They also made tiny bee houses and hung them on trees or stuffed them in bushes.

It was a good night, and nice to be back in our own community, we love where we are just now as it is very welcoming, plus has a kitchen, storage and somewhere to run around outside, but we are conscious the parents all have to get in a car to get there, whereas they used to just walk to us. 

Saturday, 25 April 2015

London - visiting the Tower, and undying love

We had a long planned trip to London today, with 21/25 of our girls attending. We took 5 leaders, a YL, two parents and two Guides too, so we were quite a group! 

Here's what we did, with detail, so others can use our planning if it can help.

Train from local station to Euston: we booked the tickets months ago, and with the help of our amazing local station staff, we got 31 of us to London for £130 - pretty much the same cost as a walk on peak  ticket for one from our station! We used Friends and Family Railcards as using these was much cheaper than group tickets, and carefully booked an early train to ensure we got the best rate.

Nice side note - our seats were marked Reserved Brownies, plus our station staff had an activity pack for every girl!

Underground: several leaders had oyster cards, and everyone with one of those or a day travel card (which we bought for other others) can take 4 under 11s through the luggage gate without paying for them, so we really got value from these. We planned our route to go round the centre to Tower Hill rather this through the middle of London, as we were there at the same time as Anzac commemorations on Whitehall and at Westminster Abbey, and St George Day celebrations at Trafalgar Square. We wanted to avoid those as it would be so busy, so our route took us off to the east and then South.

The main point of the trip was to visit the Tower of London and see the Crown Jewels. We headed straight there, and three of the girls made their promise on the travelator past the crowns! Then we divided the group up, sending one lot to the Bloody Tower and then to follow an actor being Thomas Cromwell around, and the others visiting the walls and towers around the edges, then the White Tower in the middle.

We had group tickets for this too, so we could walk straight in without queueing, although actually it was a fairly quiet day and we wouldn't have had to queue too long.

Special mention for the Brownie who asked if all diamonds were as expensive as the ones in the crowns and when I showed her my wedding ring with three small diamonds and said it wasn't worth a lot but I loved it anyway, she said: "because it came from your undying love?"

More to follow - lunch, the afternoon's entertainment, the unexpected bonuses and returning home. 

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Abandon plans, all us who enter here

We threw our plans out the window this week, as it was a lovely evening and the first time we had met in daylight since moving to our new home.

The Scout hut used to be playing field changing rooms, and the field is still there, so after a few indoors games, we let the girls loose outside. There were a few structured games, and some time to run or flop as they saw fit.

It was lovely: chilled and fun! We got all bar three sets of subs in (and I have those three now too) and we're all good to go for next week's seed sowing and big London trip.

PS: one of the fun games - make a circle, hold hands, break one handhold and put a hula hoop across then they have to work the hoop round to the starting point without stopping holding hands. With 25 girls, we added 4 hoops to keep it interesting. 

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Summer term 2015

Nearly the end of the Easter break, and almost time for Brownies to start again. Which of course means I have been fitting some Guiding admin in over the last few weeks despite no meetings!

We have a lovely outdoorsy term planned for the girls, after the first week back we will be taking part in Grow Wild with our Guides and Senior Section, planting wildflower seeds in our local community (with permission!)

That's followed by a London day out, itinerary and planning to be shared afterwards, of course. 

As ever, we have a couple of Brownie Adventure nights to help them work towards their Adventure, Adventure On and More Adventures badges. My group will be doing their Go For It as the last part of their More Adventures badge.

We have two camp prep nights, one of our leaders is taking her camp licence and with nearly all the girls attending camp, there's some key skills to be learned as camping is so different from pack holiday. These skills mean we will send them off to Guides knowing the basics and hopefully enthused for camping, it certainly did the last time we camped. 

Our Brownie Helper (aged 11) is running an outdoor games night for them while we hold a parents evening for camp - she won't be left on her own in charge, there will be leaders there too! And we have a chip walk and our traditional final meeting of the year at our town's Scout campsite. 

Here's hoping for good weather!

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