Sunday, 19 April 2015

Abandon plans, all us who enter here

We threw our plans out the window this week, as it was a lovely evening and the first time we had met in daylight since moving to our new home.

The Scout hut used to be playing field changing rooms, and the field is still there, so after a few indoors games, we let the girls loose outside. There were a few structured games, and some time to run or flop as they saw fit.

It was lovely: chilled and fun! We got all bar three sets of subs in (and I have those three now too) and we're all good to go for next week's seed sowing and big London trip.

PS: one of the fun games - make a circle, hold hands, break one handhold and put a hula hoop across then they have to work the hoop round to the starting point without stopping holding hands. With 25 girls, we added 4 hoops to keep it interesting. 


brownieguideleader said...

I've done the hula hoop game on a parents night. Lots of fun!

Claire @ thegrassisdancing said...

Ooh fab game! Might be a bit advance for my nursery kids, but I'll have a think about adapting it - thanks!!

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