Sunday, 26 April 2015


Before I finish the post about our London trip, I realise I forgot to write up this week's meeting.

Carefully cropped picture to show you what we were up to - planting seeds! We received them through Kew Gardens Grow Wild project and worked with our borough council to identify, and have rotavated, a bed for us in our local community to plant the wildflower seeds.

Our Brownies and Guides worked together - and our Senior Section will also be planting elsewhere later - on the planting: stomping on the bed to break up the soul, mixing seeds with sand and then sowing. They also made tiny bee houses and hung them on trees or stuffed them in bushes.

It was a good night, and nice to be back in our own community, we love where we are just now as it is very welcoming, plus has a kitchen, storage and somewhere to run around outside, but we are conscious the parents all have to get in a car to get there, whereas they used to just walk to us. 


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