Sunday, 24 May 2015

Camp skills and decisions

This week we worked on camp prep: learning some new skills, making decisions and making a plate bag.

We divided the girls into three, including the few (7) girls of our 25 who are not going to camp. These skills will be useful anyway!

Each group had 20 mins in one of three areas:
1. Decisions - which of the two superadventurous activities we will be doing do you want to do? We had a good divide between 3G swing and zipwire so should be able to accommodate their choices. A few don't want to do either, they will be assigned to one group or the other and will get the chance to take part if they change their mind otherwise they will support the others.
Then, which of the two slightly less adventurous activities: obstacle course or tree trek. These decisions are because the maximum group numbers on each don't allow us to take every girl to each.
Finally, name three girls you'd like to share a tent with and we will do our best to ensure you get one. This was logostically interesting afterwards, a number of girls didn't choose each other, but we've got everyone matched up now and will test out those groups for team work next meeting.

2. Plate bag designing. We had a set of fabric bags snapped up at 50p each in a sale some time ago so we decided that to ensure every girl had a plate bag, we would use those and let them design their own. We already had fabric pens so nice easy activity!

3. Bedding rolls. Keeping bedding dry, especially at the start of camp when tents need to be put up, is crucial so the third group practiced making their own.

Next time - putting up tents!


K Ville said...

LOL we are doing bedding rolls at Rangers at our next meeting. It is a skill so important and yet they forget section to section - teach them young maybe it will stick!!! A plate bag is a brilliant thing to make, they will always be used, a special one that goes camp to camp is lovely.

Jen said...

We do have an old school Guider in our division who flings bedding rolls in rivers to prove they are watertight.
I like the idea that these Brownies might use the same plate bags as Rangers in 4-7 years time!

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