Monday, 4 May 2015

London continued

After the Tower of London, we took the girls to a nearby Zizzi's restaurant. We had prebooked, we figured with 31 of us it was going to be hard to walk in anywhere.
The manager was great, we arranged for us to preorder too and he supplied an adult menu, a kid menu and an allergen menu so parents and girls could make their informed choices. We also arranged for jugs of juice on the tables rather than them just getting a glass and us having to arrange more for some, not for others etc. We probably had little more than we would have had anyway but it was a nice touch.
We were really pleased with everything and the bill came in within about £4 of what we thought it would, so all good!

As we headed out, we were running a little late for Tower Bridge but we were stopped by a group of ladies doing a London challenge, they needed to be filmed dancing to a busker but hadn't been able to find one! So they got the girls to sing and they danced to it!

We made it over to Tower Bridge and went in to the exhibition, it has a very cool glass walkway where you look down on to the bridge and the girls enjoyed the view. After we came down, we ticked off a couple more Shaun the Sheep statues on the south bank then headed back to the bridge to head back across the river. 

As we started to cross the klaxon sounded! The bridge was coming up! I have never been on the bridge when that happened, I don't think I've even seen it happen anywhere but in the movies. 
That did slow us down a bit as we had to wait for it to be reopened, but then we headed back to our station and then home - a packed day but one I think they really enjoyed. 


K Ville said...

Nice one. I think the Tower exhibition would be great for Brownies. I did a reccy of it but in the end we didn't go. Did they like it? (after the first part - think the film would have bored them!)

Jen said...

The first part was fine actually, gave us a chance to regroup as we were split into two groups coming up. They loved the walkway the most, and collecting stickers at each point to compete the booklet (you may not have seen that?). The bit that they struggled more with was the last bit underneath where the engineering was. They were in no mood for learning by then and I think the mechanics passed them by as when we were on the bridge and it went up, some were asking how and we thought, you just saw this! Worth it though, I think, at the group rate.

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