Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Since London: Brownie Adventures and division camp

Since we got back from London, we've still been busy - never stops!

*The day after London was St George's Day parade, in our town only the Scouts parade so no need to drag the girls out but I did need to take son and his friend and it did make it a Guiding & Scouting weekend, hard to fit in those other things that need to happen between being out the day before and then having that to do too. 

*Our meeting that week was Brownie Adventures so each group doing more work on their own age section. Our YL stepped up and led one group well, and we had a new Brownie Helper who worked with me on the Guides Go For It group and she was very positive with them. We are finding these Adventure nights hard to do, hard to have enough leaders and support the girls. We will be having a pow wow at our next Adventure evening, our feeling is the girls like these nights and want to carry them on but we want to check!

*This weekend was division camp. Our Brownies didn't go as we are camping next month, but that left many of us free to help or be with other units. Four of our five leaders were there in some form and we had a lot of fun to go with the wind, rain and cold! Just look at what happened to the jelly beans when the wind tore through our kitchen tent! Many tents were lost during this camp, mostly gazebos, and we had to tether our own kitchen tent to a Land Rover to save it!


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