Saturday, 20 June 2015

Camping - I guess it COULD have rained more!

We had a brilliant time at camp but oh my did it rain! We put the tents up in the rain, we listened to it rain both nights, it rained most of the Saturday and a bit of the Sunday...amazingly it was actually dry enough on the Sunday for us to get the tents down dry which was pretty lucky. 

One of our leaders was doing the camp module of her licence and she had put so much work into the weekend! The theme was Hogwarts, so a 'lite' version of Harry Potter to keep it all suitable for 7-10 year olds. The adventurous activities (eg zip wire) were themed too, so zip wire was flying class etc. We also did the cola and mentos experiment, in potions class, and there were crafts and quizzes and games - so much prep, she did a great job. 

We were particularly grateful she had booked the indoor sports hall for most of the day on Saturday - somewhere dry to eat our lunch and do activities!

The girls barely slept, but seemed to have a great time even if we did send them home exhausted. All in all, a great job, and now we just have to wait to hear if our Leader has passed her extra module!


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