Friday, 5 June 2015

Nearly time for Brownie camp

We continued doing camp prep with the girls this week, it's a balance to include all the girls, not just those planning to come with us, but we reckon they are learning useful skills either way as hopefully those who aren't camping with us this time will do so in the future.

While the leaders ran sessions with the Brownies, our two YLs and two Guide Brownie Helpers assembled a tent we had been given by a former Brownie's family as they used it once and decided they hated camping! It wasn't very expensive but we're grateful for any donations to us! It is massive, and without the bedroom pods in, perfect as somewhere for the girls to shelter and eat if the weather is against us. While heavy, it's not as heavy as the frame tent another unit had kindly offered to loan to us, so we're going to use it as it can fit in a parent's car to bring to the camp.

The Brownies did a few different things:
*practiced putting up a small tent
*ordered their lunch for the Saturday, just to help our QM order the right amount of desired food
*drew friendly ghost faces on plastic milk bottles - at camp we will add water and a glow stick and leave them outside in the evening :-)
*played a game: "I went on camp and I forgot my..." We had some funny things left behind: knickers, leaders, a very very very special necklace, eyeballs, a boyfriend...It's a fun way to cover the things that do need to come and those that don't, such as boyfriends and necklaces!


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