Saturday, 4 July 2015

Last Brownies

We've had our last Brownie meeting of the year, meeting at a local campsite jointly with Guides and Senior Section as we always do for our last meeting before summer. We normally also have a campfire, but this time we were missing two of our Guide leaders and they happened to be the two that start and tend the campfire so we didn't have one this time.

The girls played a wide game using a pack of cards that took ages and seemed to be fun, then we had sandwiches and cakes for snack, badge presentation and a bit of singing before they left.

We said goodbye to five girls, and we will really miss them, but at least three are off to Guides, one is taking a term break then hopefully going to Guides (she left before she was ten because she has a swimming clash, she comprised with her club back at Easter that she would do one more term with Brownies then move up so we knew we were losing her early but pleased it was just one term early not too) and the fifth Brownie is deliberating between Guides and Scouts. I see us as one big movement so I'm happy either way though personally I hope she goes to Guides simply so I'll get to see her now and then. I don't think the Scouts my own son goes to works for her in terms of timing so I wouldn't see her any more if she went to a different Scouts and I always like to see how they are getting on.

What's next? Planning for next term - we held a pow wow to find out what the girls wanted and will be using the results of that. An overnight for the new girls and the sixers together as we usually do in autumn. Possibly a new home, as we look at our new community hall, our old school home with a new bigger hall and bear in mind that we have been made very welcome in our current Scout hut home. Possibly a flag, we've not had one before but we might be able to afford it this year. And of course five new Brownies to replace the ones we lost: an adorable girl I've known well from birth who is thrilled to be joining, two younger sisters of existing Brownies and two I've not met before.

Come September, we start all over again!
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