Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The flowers!

Remember back in April we were planting wild flowers thanks to seeds from Kew Gardens and the Grow Wild project?

The flowers are up and they are so pretty! I confess I checked back a couple of months ago and saw loads of weeds and thought oh well, we had fun doing it anyway. But it all came good!

Monday, 3 August 2015

We are getting a flag

One of my strongest Brownie memories is hoping to be chosen to carry the Brownie pennant. Our pack took part in lots of church parades, and I did get my chance! Back then (late seventies, early eighties), the Guides were allowed a flag but Brownie could just have a pennant.
It would have looked like this, though not this exact one.

Well, somewhere along the way it was decided Brownies could have a flag, and it's something we have toyed with getting over the years since we started our pack at the end of 2004. We finally have enough funds to go for it and I am thrilled to say we have ordered our flag!

We don't do any church parades, but we do always do Remembrance Sunday, and I am pleased we will be able to stand along side the Scouts with their flags this year. Our flag will look like this: 

Though again, not this exact name. We also ordered a pole, a flag holder, a finial and a case to keep it all in. Now we have to decide which Brownie will get to have the honour! When presenting the Remembrance wreath, we have always picked the oldest Brownie to turn up, but this time there will need to be some practicing with the flag so we will have to pick in advance. We will have to decide as a leadership team, but I think we should start with the girls who will be Guides by the following Remembrance Sunday, so around 8 of them, eliminate those who won't be attending Remembrance Sunday (which we will know in advance as we will have consent forms) and pick from the remaining 5 or 6 girls.
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