Sunday, 20 September 2015

Autumn 2015 is go

Here we go again! Four leaders, two young leaders, two Guides to help and 25 Brownies. 

We had 24 for our first night - one of the newbies was in hospital poor girl. We're looking forward to welcoming her next week.

We had some mad scrambling just before we returned. We have a sleepover planned for next month for the new girls and the sixers, and two days before our first meeting, we discovered the venue had double booked us! The leader who found out then spent the day calling every possible venue in a 30 mile radius and although we couldn't manage anywhere for the same weekend, she did secure somewhere for the weekend after. 

After I checked all the leaders could make it, we threw it out to the girls and with a few adjustments (a couple arriving late, several leaving early) we were able to go ahead with all the original attendees.

We like to take the new girls (including all the girls who hadn't been away with us before not just the ones starting in September) and the sixers away each October for a quiet sleepover. It gives the new girls a chance to get to know us and vice versa, with more time than in regular meetings. And it gives the sixers a chance to model good behaviour, and with two Guide leaders going too, a chance to find out about Guides.

Other news:

This week's theme was hearts and the girls were encouraged to open up about what they love, and there were some lovely answers.

Loving the flag, the girls were very impressed with it and I can see there will be a lot of interest in being flag bearer at Remembrance Sunday.

Still in our temporary venue, we've been made very welcome by the Scouts though I think we'll be back in our own area in January which does mean many of our girls can walk to Brownies.

Autumn 2015 is go!
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