Thursday, 1 October 2015


I'm going to come back to what we did last week (Brownie adventure night) because I'm still putting my thoughts together on that. They're not working how we have hoped, and we are refocusing, so I just need to think about how to share that.

This week, it was all about Fairytales. Our planned night wasn't possible, we wanted to support a leader going on an international but she wasn't available this term, we will reschedule.

Our YL stepped in and ran a fairytale night instead. She did a great job - planned four activities and let the girls continue with what they were doing as they were clearly having fun, so only managed two. She just rolled with it! She also rolled with losing two of her adults for 20 minutes, and did so with aplomb.

The Brownies had lots of fun making their own wings - two wire coat hangers duct taped together then scraps of fabric tied to them. We used some beautiful sari fabric a colleague had given me, together with lots of scraps sent in by parents - in fact we have loads left and have put them in our store cupboard for another time. They also carried out a storytelling game and, as you can see, dressed up if they chose to, about 2/3 did, including 3 Maleficients!

Sorry for the triangles, preserving anonymity for those three Brownies and for the Cubs named on the wall behind them! The pic does show the basic structure of the wings though. 


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