Saturday, 28 November 2015

Not quite there

I've not been reporting back on what we've been up to because I haven't quite been there!
In the last three weeks:
Week 1: I was working with the new Brownies on their promise and their understanding of it so I missed the team building exercises in the main hall - all good fun apparently!
Week 2: I missed entirely because daughter and I went to a gig in Birmingham (Of Monsters and Men) which was fab - I hasten to add she went with a friend and I hung around at the back, didn't see her once!
Week 3: I was properly there but was focussing on supporting one of our Brownies who needs a 1:1 when we do activities, she needs her food cut up tiny etc. I have the most fabulous picture of her, happily dipping her finger in a chocolate spread and giggling her head off.
It was a French night, run in style by the older of our two Brownie Helpers to fundraise for her going to France with her Guide unit next year. We donated the subs from the night to her in return for her planning which includes tasting grape juice (instead of wine), food tasting, colouring and games.
Just one more week of this term, we finish very early in December as the school where most of our girls go has a school play and then a disco on the second and third Thursday in December so easier not to meet. Well, the GIRLS won't meet, is leaders are off for a night out on one of those nights!
The picture on the post has nothing to do with anything we have done, it's just a craft I would like to do with hem sometime and I always like to have a picture on here! I can spot it later and remember we'd like to try it out!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Remembrance Sunday and our flag

No post about the joint meeting with Brownies and Cubs we held this week, unfortunately I was ill and had to miss it but I hear it was very loud and lots of fun.

What I did manage to attend was Remembrance Sunday, and our new flag made its debut, carried by a very proud Brownie flanked by her colour party. We had 16 girls attend (out of 25), exactly same number as last year!
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