Thursday, 28 January 2016

Brownie friendship

One of the things some girls asked for when we surveyed them was a friendship evening. So tonight, that's what I delivered, using an old resource that has served us well for years, Right Now, for inspiration.

To start, we shared a smile about something that made each of us happy. Then we played a game about sharing resources when we have lots, I had a well set up two tables with lots of pens and a big sheet of paper each and sent a small number of girls there, and two mats on the floor, one with a sheet of a4 and a few pens and another with a sheet of scrap and a few pencils. I sent larger numbers to these mats, asked them to draw something important to them, and told them they could see what others were doing but musn't share resources. After, we talked about how it felt to have little, how it felt to have plenty but not share, and whether one person should get to decide who gets what or if speaking up, questioning and taking action could make a difference.
Then they had sheets where they had to find girls who got into each box - could swim 50m, had been to Brownie camp etc, so  learned a bit about what makes us the same and different - all three Brownie leaders present were not born in the county where we now live much to the girls' surprise!
Finally, we made Envelopes Of Sadness. Each girl writes her name on the envelope in front of her and has lots of small sheets of paper. We ask all the girls to write something nice about one girl, the notes are collected (checked just in case but we had no issues) and places in her envelope. The envelopes are sealed, filled with lovely things the other Brownies said about that Brownie, if she ever feels sad she can open it up and see the lovely things inside.
Fun night, we just squeezed in envelopes for the 23 Brownies we had present, I had hoped to also do them for the 2 girls we had absent but we ran out of time and I didn't want to run over into the Guide meeting straight after, that's just not fair on them. 


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