Friday, 22 January 2016

Mongolia and pack holiday

Pack holiday will NOT be in Mongolia. Rather, we hosted two county leaders who are taking a Senior Section group there and are fundraising by running Mongolia meetings. They run them for all sections, from Rainbows to Trefoil Guild and have had excellent feedback. 
The girls seemed very engaged and as we were collecting in money and slips for our pack holiday and thinking day, we were happy to have some spare capacity to take care of that paperwork during the meeting.
We have 19 girls signed up for pack holiday in the summer, a really pleasing number - more detail to follow on the plans for that. And 14 signed up for our cross section division thinking day event.
We were also able to use the time to sort out the rent cheque for the term, and a few other bits and pieces.
Oh, no post from last week's meeting as I was absent to attend a parents evening for one of my kids, they had a games night and had great fun. I'm looking forward to next week, a friendship evening using the right now resource from a few years ago and picking and choosing a few appropriate activities.  


K Ville said...

Mongolia is very ambitious

Jen said...

Indeed! County trip with a small group and very experienced Guiders!

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