Sunday, 28 February 2016

Changing plans

Sometimes what you plan to do just can't pan out.
We had intended to do a penny hike - split the girls into their four sixes and go for a walk round the local area flipping a coin each time we get to a junction to decide what way we go.
But a family emergency for one leader added to a knee pain issue for another leader meant we were down to two leaders available for a walk. Even with parent help the groups would have had to be double the size as you can't have a parent lead a group without a leader.
So, we adapted, stayed in the hall so our gammy leg leader could also participate, and we had an A to Y craft night.
We put out everything crafty we had: leftover Tealight holders and glass pens from two years ago, make your own bracelet beads and thread, left over sleepover crafts, all the crafts where we had bought for 25 and only 23 had turned up, plus lots of paper, pens, scissors and glue, then we told them they could make what they liked.
A to Y? Each girl randomly drew a letter from an envelope and were allowed to pick their first craft in alphabetical order to prevent girls with sharpest elbows getting the best crafts!
Then as they finished they were allowed to choose another craft and so on through the evening. We had some who rushed their craft to get to make as many as possible - fine with us as it meant we were getting rid of them - and some who took their time and turned out beautiful work.
While they worked, helped by three parents, our two YLs and our two Guide helpers, the three leaders were able to take stock on Adventure badges to see who needs to complete just a few more clauses to earn their badge.

PS: this weekend we also attended our Division Thinking Day event, lots of fun on the theme of connect, created by WAGGGS and led by our Trefoil Guild. They did a great job and our girls had lots of fun. 


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