Friday, 12 February 2016

When I say STRICTLY guiding...

This isn't quite! I've started going to a monthly craft workshop and I'm loving it, it's run by a lovely lady that I met because she organises the hall hire for our new Brownie and Guide venue so this is more tangentially guiding than strictly guiding!

I have persuaded her to come and run a night for the Brownies though, so there is a crossover :-)

In the meantime, she has really inspired me to have fun making cards, I sent my sister in law one from the first class I attended and she loved it so much she said she was going to frame it! As well as following instructions from class, I've been trying out my own designs, here's one I have made off my own bat:

Far from perfect, I could point you to four or five flaws immediately but I actually genuinely don't think most people would spot them unless I admitted to them so I'm really happy. 


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