Saturday, 5 March 2016

World Book Day

We met on World Book Day so went for a themed night:
*group circle - what had they worn to school for world book day (one girl had gone as a Brownie from the Brownie annual, bless!). We had three Hermione Graingers and the rest were very scattered among a wide variety of books.
*act out the Brownie story in circle, with props
*make a bookmark to take home
*talked about kindles v ebooks
*talked about what we wanted to do next week, the girls agreed to no-cook cooking (as we don't yet have an oven in the meeting place), so each of three leaders will bring a no cook cooking recipe for them to make.

We then ran a little short for the evening, funny when I plan and allot time, it never takes the time you think, always way over or way under.
We had a game of tig, which was lots of fun and let them blow off shrieky steam!


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